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***Electric Generator Basics***

The most common types of electric generators are gasoline driven. As with any gasoline powered machine it produces an odorless gas the is deadly. This requires that the machine be operated out of doors. Running the engine in an attached garage is not a good idea because the deadly gas can migrate into the house.

The second biggest problem with a gasoline powered machine is the gasoline itself. Yes, we all know that it is flammable, but did you know that refueling the generator while it is running or hot from running can cause it to ignite. I have been asked by many of the manufactures of these machines to investigate and document fires that have occurred because of refueling. I can show you pictures of the result of poor refueling practices.

One more dangerous thing to add, the goal of the generator is to produce electricity. The safest and easiest way to use the power produced by the generator is with good quality outdoor rated extension cord connected to your appliance to be powered. Never get between the electric power and anything else. This includes the common culprits, between the generator frame and any metal or wet item. Wet items include the ground you are standing on, even if it appears to be dry.

The best source of safety information on the use and operation of your generator is the owners manual. If you are unclear about any safety point, contact the manufacturer. Most American companies provide an 800 number to call. Information can also be obtained at the companies web sites. Links can be found by selecting the Brands link at the left of this screen. Then click on the manufacture of your generator, this will take you to their site.

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